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P1 Mover Manual

P1 Mover - Manual Engagement

P1 Mover

The P1 Mover - Manual is a very affordable and simple solution for manoeuvering your caravan. Cross-actuation is a standard feature on the P1 Mover manual.

The P1 Mover is new to the UK but has been sold in Scandinavia for many years. During this time it has earned the reputation of being a very good product at a reasonable price.

The P1 Mover is designed and manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 certified facility. The P1 Mover has recently won the biggest and most comprehensive to-date mover test carried out in RDW test centre in Lelystad, Holland.

  • The P1 Mover fits most single and twin axle caravans.
  • 5 year guarantee.
  • Very powerful: hi-torque reduction gearbox, large diameter drive rollers.
  • 4-fold reduction gearbox means the P1 Mover can take a 1550kg caravan up a 12cm (4½ inch) kerb.
  • Reliability: manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards using best-of-breed components.
  • Lightweight: Uses thin steel pressing technology derived from the automotive industry; aluminium used where possible.
  • Smart electronic control system - provides excellent range for the remote control, including 2-way communication with the central control unit
  • Important system information is shown on remote e.g. main battery level, range and overload)
  • Mover features soft-start, energy saving techology.
  • The P1 Mover Manual can be upgraded to full automatic engagement at a later date.

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P1 Mover (Manual) Specifications

Designation P1 Mover Manual
Manufacturer Pamet
Operational Voltage 12 Volt DC
Speed 15cm per sec.
Weight approx. 36kg
Overall Weight
Overall weight
on 20% Gradient
Power Source
(caravan leisure battery)
12V 80Ah minimum

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