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Useful Tips for Caravan Mover owners

The following tips are offered to help you make the most out of your new purchase. They cover fitting, usage, care and maintenance of your caravan mover. (Please see each individual manufacturer for fault finding).

If you require any personal assistance then please telephone us on 08000 226 126.

Disengaging rollers
When you have engaged the rollers, place the engagment/disengagment tool or handset in the case of electronic engagement on the driver's seat of your car, this will definitely remind you to disengage the rollers before driving off.

Remote Control Care
Never put the handset on the A frame of the caravan/trailer or rear bumper of the towing vehicle when connecting them. Always put it in your pocket or the boot of the towing vehicle. Try to keep your handset dry and if it does get wet when using it, dry it before putting it away. Remember the handset is an expensive item to replace.

Isolator Switch
Please make sure you have turned off the isolater switch when not in use. This helps protect the electronics and ensures there is no possibility of the mover being accidentally started.

Every combination of caravan mover and caravan responds differently so you should first practice using your mover in a wide-open space! Once you are familiar with the way the controls respond you will have the confidence to manoeuvre in more confined spaces.

Uneven Surfaces
If operating the caravan mover on gravel or soft surfaces, the jockey wheel may "lead" the caravan in an undesired direction. To prevent this move the caravan backwards into the necessary position with the jockey wheel "trailing". We is also recommended that a pneumatic tyre be fitted to the jockey wheel, which will also help to alleviate the problems of moving on soft ground as it is less likely to sink and dig in.

Giving a helping hand
Consider adjusting your direction manually, whilst still using the forward or reverse speed, by using the handrail on the front of the trailer to counter cambers, uneven and sloping surfaces.

Control Box ventilation
Please be aware that during operation of the caravan mover the control box will become warm, for this reason it is not recommended that it be covered with clothes or similar items, it is also helpful if an air gap can be left around the electronics box.

Your caravan mover should be kept clean and tidy at all times, this can be done by washing with water at hose pipe pressure only. (PLEASE NOTE A PRESSURE WASHER SHOULD NEVER BE USED AND THE ISOLATER SWITCH SHOULD BE TURNED OFF AT ALL TIMES WHEN CLEANING OR MAINTAINING THE MOVER). The engagment/disengagment mechanism that locates the rollers to the tyres should be greased at a minimum of 6 monthly intervals. It should be greased with silicone based spray grease and we highly recommend motor cycle chain lube and one last thing we recommend that at least once a month you start the mover and run it in either the engaged/disengaged position this will keep all moving parts free and avoid disapointment when you need your mover the most.

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