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About Truma

About Truma in the UK

A tradition of excellence

Truma was founded over 50 years ago in Germany, and is now established as a major player in the UK leisure market. Truma has built a reputation for producing innovative new products, which make life away from home, feel like 'home from home'.

Now an internationally recognised brand leader, Truma's range of products has grown to include high quality warm air systems, storage water heaters, lamps, pressure regulators and an extensive selection of accessories. Not to mention Air Conditioning and Caravan Movers.

From Truma's large, modern production facility and warehouse based at Dove Valley Park, Derbyshire they operate a dealer supply and support network that is second to none, offering prompt technical advice and information on the latest techniques and new products.

Truma's UK distribution and training ensures a rapid parts distribution service to all parts of the UK. And is also home to a purpose built caravan and motorhome service bay.

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Quality products and reliability you can trust

Truma understands that leisure time is some of the most memorable time that we spend in our lives. They believe in their role of creating efficient, high quality products that make that time as comfortable as possible, meeting the demands of your leisure lifestyle whether it's a weekend at the lakes, or two weeks on the continent.

All Truma products are developed to the highest standards meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 for design and manufacture.

Continued investment into product development ensures that Truma products are the best available.

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Truma Announce Mover® XT and XT2

Truma have announced that the new Mover XT and Mover XT2 - are to be launched at the Caravan and Camping Show 2014 in February. The new Mover XT range sets new standards for low weight, precision manoeuvring and operating ease.

Lower Weight

Truma Mover XTTruma is the first manufacturer to use very efficient, high-tech, brushless DC motors. The result is the Mover XT is 5 kg lighter than its predecessor the SE R. The XT and the XT2 can operate from a much smaller battery capacity of just 38 Ah. This offers weigh saving from both the ligher mover and the smaller battery required.

The brushless motors offer advantages over conventional brushed DC motors, these include: higher efficiency and less prone to mechanical wear, higher torque per weight and higher torque per watt, increased reliability and a longer operational lifetime.

High precision

The Mover® XT uses the innovative Truma Dynamic Mover Technology®. This delivers precision direction stability even over rough ground. The XT's smart electronics constantly monitors the actual speed of the motors compared to the required speed and compensates for any variations. Result: the caravan overcomes obstacles like it's on rails - no side-to-side drifting. The system also aids in prcice steering control.

Truma Mover XT remote control handsetNew remote control

The Mover XT also has a brand new remote hand-set. The main innovation here is the separation of the speed and steering controls. A slider controls speed and control knob is used to steer . This means you can now drive variable radii curves and control the speed with great precision, this is a huge bonus when hitching to your towing vehicle or manoeuvring the caravan in tight spaces.

The remote is also very intuitive to use as all you have to do is align the remote with the caravan to see exactly where you are placing the caravan.

Quality German engineering

Truma Movers are made in Germany to exacting standards. Like the whole Mover® range, the Mover® XT and XT2 are 100% safe and reliable. The Movers® stop immediately when you release the remote control, even on a slope.

The Mover® XT is designed for single axle caravans and can move an allowed weight of 2,300 kg on a 13% gradient.

The Mover® XT2 is designed for twin axle caravans and can mover an allowed weight of 2,400 kg on a 10% gradient.

In common with call Truma caravan movers the Mover XT and Mover XT both come with a five year warranty and all parts.

See the Mover XT or Mover XT2 in detail...


Truma Caravan Mover Range:Mover® XT, Mover® XT2