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Reich Move Control Twin

Reich Move Control Twin Caravan Motor Mover

Reich Move Control Twin

The Move Control Twin uses 4-wheel drive for maximum performance. It clears curbs and traverses pot holes easily. Manoeuver your caravan on difficult terrain - even if a tyre loses contact with the ground.

Move Control Twin manoeuvres your caravan into confined spaces with millimetre precision.

The 4-wheel-drive offers enormous power and will move a 2,000 kilogram twin-axle caravan up a gradient of more than 15%.

The maintenance-free MoveControl - for your caravaners-life - free from worries.

  • Cross actuation kit as standard with brace or cordless powertool - easily and safely engaging and disengaging the friction rollers.
  • Electric actuation is available as an option - the Motor Drive allows the motor mover rollers to be engaged using the remote control.
  • Suitable for most types of chassis. MoveControl just clamps onto the chassis - no drilling or welding is required.
  • The unit does not affect the operation of the shock absorbers.
  • Direct drive of the friction rollers, no delicate power transmission over gear wheels or chains.
  • When changing caravans, the MoveControl can be easily transferred.
  • SOFTSTART and SOFTSTOP electronics facilitate precise movement and greater control on any ground - millimetre by millimetre - as well as quick and easy hitching and unhitching your caravan.
  • The new electronic control is minimizies the chassis stress, to protect the caravan structure. It will stop your caravan, even on a slope.
  • Hitching your caravan was never so easy.
  • Move your caravan around any corner and to any site - effortlessly by remote control. At the touch of button you can single handedly move your caravan in any direction.
  • The new, patented electronic control provides smallest turning circles and tight curve radii.

For remote roller engagement add the Motor Drive to your order.

Move Control Twin, fitted at your home Move Control Twin fitted

Move Control Twin, self fit Move Control Twin delivered

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Please note: we currently only deliver to addresses in the UK.
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MoveControl Twin Specifications

Designation MoveControl Twin
Operational Voltage 12 Volt DC
Average Current Consumption 25 Ampere
Max Current
90 Ampere
Speed 28cm per sec. Approx.
Weight approx. 66kg
Overall Weight
POW on 15% Gradient 2000kg
POW 25% gradient 1800kg
Power Source
(caravan leisure battery)
110Ah recommended
Warranty 5yrs
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